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Genevieve Currie is our newest provincial representative joining the Alberta team. She is proud mother to 2 and half year old twin boys Callum (PWS) and Aidan. She is interested in becoming more involved in supporting research for PWS at the national level.  Genevieve will be organizing Alberta’s first “One Small Step” Walk  for PWS on August 15, 2010 with her husband, Yvon in her home city of Calgary. Genevieve teaches nursing education at the university level and has new insight into caring and working with families who have children born with special needs.  Email Genevieve at mgencurrie@hotmail.com

Doris Chura represents Alberta on the National Advisory Committee. Doris, along with her daughter, Angela (33 years, pws) have helped to educate many families about the realities and possibilities about living with Prader-Willi Syndrome, through Kinashs’ book, Recipes for Success.

Tammy Renwick has successfully run the annual Poinsettia fundraiser in Alberta for the past 3 years raising over $11 000 for FPWR Canada. She is looking forward to getting more involved and is committed to the FPWR’s mission: to eliminate the challenges through the advancement of research. Tammy has twins, along with Kaitlyn (3 years, pws) who keep her busy and motivated to do the tremendous work that she does.  Email Tammy  at dtrenwck@telus.net

Go to www.pwsaa.ca for more information about Alberta’s support chapter.