British Columbia

Joanne Taylor and FamilyJoanne Taylor is the head of the National Advisory Committee and has recently sent out a survey to help to identify the challenges of PWS across our nation. She will also be in charge of our newsletter and keeping track of our membership list. Joanne served as the president of the BC organization and brings a wealth of knowledge to parents of children with PWS. Joanne and Gord are proud parents to five children with Lauren (pws) & her twin brother, Shaun, (12 years old) being the youngest. She coaches swimming and baseball with the Special Olympics is also a Family Support Institute Resource Parent. Internationally, Joanne is the parent contact for FPWR Canada. In her professional career, she is a dedicated teacher who has a passion for behaviour management. Her family is currently running a fundraiser to support cancer, while raising funds for PWS research.

Cheryl Gagne and FamilyCheryl Gagne plays an important role on the Growth Hormone committee for FPWR and will be representing BC at our National Conference in May. She is currently the secretary of the BC PWS association and has been the driving force in uniting families in BC, providing conferences and practical workshops and coordinating fundraising efforts for the BCPWSA. Cheryl also spearheaded the biannual gatherings and mini-conferences for adults with PWS in BC. Cheryl is a Middle School French Immersion teacher and Curriculum Leader in Kelowna. Cheryl and her husband, Marc-Andre have two beautiful children: Maxim (age 7) and Isabelle (age 5, pws).

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