Prader Willi Syndrome in Ontario

Patrick and Wendy FamilyPatrick Bourbonnais is the head of the National Growth Hormone Committee. Patrick and his wife, Wendy live in Ottawa, Ontario with their 2 boys, Zachary (age 5) and Emanuel (age 2, pws). Upon receiving the diagnosis, Wendy and Patrick immediately took action. They attended the weekend of hope last May in Toronto, Ontario and Wendy started an on-line magazine fundraiser that has risen over $2000 so far. Wendy has also recently joined the Million Pound Miracle committee. Patrick is an artistic director of MIFO (French Cultural Centre) and in his spare time, he is committed to leading a dedicated committee to solve the Growth Hormone problem across Canada.

Patricia Parker sits on the Growth Hormone committee and is an extraordinary mother and advocate for her daughter Victoria (38 years, pws). Patricia was a board member of the Ontario Prader Willi Syndrome Association for several years and sits on a committee with Dr. Berall in writing a collection of “best practices” for Prader Willi Syndrome families and medical professionals. In her professional career, Patricia started her own counselling practice Living Well Counselling Services.

Go to for more information about Ontario’s Prader Willi Syndrome support chapter.