FPWRC 2009 Conference Dr Miller PWS Central Adrenal
Insufficiency Discussion

FPWRC 2009 Conference Dr Miller Benefits of Growth Hormone
For Adults with PWS

FPWRC 2009 Conference Theresa Strong
Hope for Genetic Disorders

Theresa Strong Research Update 2012 Part 2

FPWRC 2009 Medical Research Conference

FPWRC 2009 Conference Dr Miller Growth Hormone
IQ Benefit

FPWRC 2009 Conference Dr Miller Growth Hormone
Dosing Guidelines

FPWRC 2012 Dr Miller

PWS Research Prize 2012

PWS Fundraising Events presented at the 2009 Medical Conference
This is video that promotes PWS awareness 

One Small Step Gala 2008
Over 500 guests joined us for an eventful evening.

Kloe's Cause
A fundraising event video to bring awareness to PWS

One Small Step Gala 2010
In support of Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada.

Gala 2010 - FPWR Canada President Speech
Keegan Johnson, president of FPWR Canada delivering his inspirational speech

2011 Gala Clare

Prader Willi Syndrome 2011 Rare Disease Contest
Find out about how the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research is working towards eliminating the challenges of Prader Willi Syndrome

Scotiabank One SMALL Step - Mississauga Warm-up
Walkathon warm-up to raise money for Prader Willi Syndrome research.

Prader-Willi Syndrome - Hugs and Hope
Keegan's Johnson, FPWR President, at the 2012 Gala in Toronto

Prader-Willi Syndrome on CBC News Now with Heather Hiscox

Meagan Michie
Inspiring message from Meagan Michie, Special Olympics Medalist


One Small Step Gala 2009
In only our third year, we welcomed over 650 guests

FPWRC 2009 Conference Jacob's Poem " Me Without You"
Jacob Yashinsky reciting his poem "Me Without You" from FPWR.

One Small Step Gala 2007
Over 350 guests joined us for our first event

FPWR Canada - Working Towards an Independent Future

One SMALL Step for Prader Willi Syndrome
Take One SMALL Step with us to raise money

FPWR Canada 5th Annual Gala - President's Speech
Keegan Johnson delivers an inspirational to over 500 guests

A tribute to special needs moms
From the kids we love so much

Building a Nest for our Children by Keegan Johnson
Keegan Johnson speaks to Montreal at their first annual gala

Gala Video 2012

The one thing that can stop us....
Keegan Johnson delivers a speech at the PWS gala in Guelph

7th Annual FPWR Canada Gala