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Kloe DID IT!!! On May 28th, 16 inches of golden locks has been donated to Angel Fund and the town of Lucknow has come together to raise over $10,000 for Kloe’s cause. The Livingston family was overwhelmed with the generosity and support given by family and friends. A personal thank you note from the Livingston family:

Dear Friend,

Kloe AfterWhen Kloe was born 6 years ago and diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), we had feelings of fear about her life and future. Education and proactive treatments eventually subsided many of our fears and gave us hope for Kloe’s future despite the grim prognosis that was presented to us at the time.

We didn’t know how we could let family and friends help Kloe through the challenges that she would face throughout her life and realized information and awareness about PWS was essential for everyone who ever had a chance to meet her, be it a long or short encounter. Aside from letting people know that Kloe follows a very strict diet and it’s very considerate not having tempting food in her presence, there are many other facets of PWS that are equally important to know. So when Kloe decided she was ready to let go of the hair that became a big part of who she is, the idea all came together for Kloe to campaign to donate her hair to another child who faces challenges while raising awareness for PWS and funds for research.

Though our main goal was to help people learn about PWS, we were aware that research is behind successfully managing PWS and in front of advancements that will change the future for all individuals with PWS – perhaps even a cure for hunger eliminating obesity for any individual. The Foundation For Prader-Willi Research Canada (FPWRC) is the organization that funds this important research that continues to make these advancements. Because of your generous donations and support, “Kloe’s Amazing Haircutting Adventure” raised an astonishing $10,817.55 and will benefit her and all individuals affected by PWS by funding this important research.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your generous donations and words of encouragement to Kloe throughout her campaign. You have helped make a real difference.

Kloe Livingston Signatureand Kirk, Danielle and Zane Livingston

You can still support Kloe by visiting her team page and sponsoring her for the 2km walk she will be completing on Aug 16th. GO KLOE!

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