Completed Projects

Funding Year: 2007

PWS mouse model with deleted snoRNA cluster

Awarded To: Uta Francke, MD , Stanford University

Amount: $50,000

Synaptology in Prader-Willi syndrome

Awarded To:  Tamas Horvath, DVM, PhD , Yale University

Amount: $50,000

Activation of the maternal allele at the PWS/AS domain as a potential therapeutic approach

Awarded To:  Prof Ahron Razin and Ruth Shemer, PhD , Hebrew University Medical School, Israel

Amount: $25,000

The effect of growth hormone replacement therapy on physical and behavioral sexual development in persons with PWS

Awarded To:  Susan Myers, MD and Barbara Whitman, PhD , St Louis University

Amount: $50,000

Exploring the potential of using demethylation drugs to treat PWS

Awarded To:  Yong-hui Jiang, MD, PhD , Baylor College of Medicine

Amount: $35,000

The role of the midbrain dopaminergic reward circuitry in ghrelin’s effects on food intake and body weight

Awarded To:  Jeffrey Zigman, MD, PhD , University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Amount: $50,000

The autonomic nervous system in necdin-null mice

Awarded To:  Rachel Wevrick, PhD , University of Alberta, Canada

Amount: $50,000


Funding Year: 2006

Regulation of expression of Prader-Willi syndrome region genes in the hypothalamus by nutritional and hormonal signals

Awarded To:  Stephen O’Rahilly, Ph.D. Professor and Head, Department of Clinical Biochemistry , University of Cambridge

Amount: $40,000

Evaluation of sensory processing in inividuals with PWS

Awarded To: Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., OTR , KID Foundation

Amount: $40,000

The sympathetic and enteric nervous systems in necdin-null mice

Awarded To:  Rachel Wevrick, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Medical Genetics , University of Alberta, Canada

Amount: $40,000