Current Projects Funded by FPWR Canada

Title Year Investigator Location  Amount in CAD Funds 
Role of MAGEL2 in Excitatory Synapse Function – PWS gene effects on oxytocin and brain cell communication 2020 Dr. Deniz Atasoy University of Iowa   $84,838.00
Neuronal Mechanisms of Developmental Cognitive Impairment in the SNORD116Del Mouse Model for Prader-Willi Syndrome – How neurons develop differently in PWS 2020 Dr. Timothy Wells Cardiff University   $4,713.00
Allele-Specific DNA Replication Timing of the Prader-Willi Locus and its Influence on Neuronal Development – Brain cell replication in PWS has defective DNA, which might cause some of the PWS developmental effects 2020 Dr. Amnon Koren Cardiff University   $70,698.00
Investigating a new potential target for treatment in Prader-Willi Syndrome 2019 Dr. Lauren Rice University of Sydney   $200,428.00
Understanding the role of microglia in the Prader-Willi Hypothalamus 2018 Dr. Deborah Kurrasch University of Calgary   $142,461.00
Chronic Stress, cognition, and food cue reactivity in PWS: A Magnetoencephalography
2018 Dr. Jill Hamilton Hospital for Sick Children Toronto   $147,689.00
Systematic Investigation of
Early Social Cognitive Processes and the Feasibility of Intervention
2017 Dr. Anastasia Dimitropoulos Case Western University, Ohio   $100,252.00
Dissecting a novel brainstem feeding circuit in Prader-Willi syndrome 2017 Alexander Nectow Princeton University   $135,389.00
A Mindfulness-based intervention for temper outbursts in Prader-Willi syndrome. 2017 Stewart Einfeld University of Sydney, Australia  $60,766.00
Improving social functioning in Prader-Willi syndrome 2017 Elisabeth Dykens Vanderbilt University  $147,538.00
Therapeutic Potential of Blocking Zinc Finger Protein 274 Binding to the PWS
2017 Marc Lalande, PhD University of Connecticut Health Center  $72,842.00
Mitochondrial Complex I dysfunction in Prader Willi Syndrome: A new therapeutic
2016 Dr. Ingrid Tein  Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto  $71,555.00
Impact of carbohydrate restricted diet upon growth and hyperphagia/food anxiety in
children with Prader-Willi syndrome
2016 Ann Scheimann, MD Johns Hopkins University  $150,514.00
Loss of MAGEL2 and hypotonia in Prader-Willi syndrome 2016 Rachel Wevrick, PhD University of Alberta  $111,821.00
Role of melanin concentrating hormone in an animal model of Prader-Willi
2015 Michiru Hirasawa, DVM, PhD Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s  $84,000.00
Characterisation of anti-ghrelin autoantibodies in Prader-Willi Syndrome 2015 Lisa Chopin, DVM, PhD Queensland University of Technology, Australia  $158,431.00
Reactivation of the PWS locus via disruption of the ZNF274 silencing complex 2014 Marc Lalande, PhD University of Connecticut Health Center  $129,027.00
Small Molecules and Therapeutic Potential
for PWS
2014 Yong-Hui Jiang,PhD Duke University, Durham NC  $21,710.00