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Prader-Willi Syndrome Research

Energizing the Field!

ResearchFPWR Canada has directly funded over $200,000 in PWS-related research projects.  The entire FPWR (including the US and Canada) has provided more than $1,300,000 in research support since 2003, with 34 research projects funded. We look forward to the findings of the new studies, just as we are beginning to see the payoffs from our investment of previous years.

FPWR support (including FPWR in the US and Canada) has now contributed to more than fifteen publications in the medical literature, advancing our understanding of the genetic alterations underlying PWS, the metabolic disturbances in PWS, and how the brain regulates hunger in normal individuals and in those with PWS. A new mouse model has been developed which should allow therapeutic interventions to be quickly evaluated. Additional studies detailing learning strengths and difference in PWS, sensory processing, and reactivating gene expression in mouse models of PWS, are all underway.