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Reasons why you should join our volunteer team today!

FPWR Canada needs your help! We work hard, have fun and appreciate our dedicated volunteers. Do you know someone with Prader-Willi Syndrome? You can make a positive difference in their lives by volunteering your time.  Your charity service may be used for community service hours and you will receive a certificate of acknowledgement to add to your resume. You can help no matter where you live or what your age is.  Share your talents with us and become a volunteer today!  Contact the FPWR Canada Team for more information at

  1. Have Fun: Become involved in our events. We offer opportunities to participate and support families (with and without PWS) to have a great experience to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy special moments inspired by giving generously, while having fun.

  2. Help a Family Member or Friend: How are you connected to someone with PWS? Do you watch them struggle?  By becoming a volunteer, you can join our mission and help us to eliminate the challenges our loved ones face. You can help to build a better future for all people with PWS and influence their outcome in a positive way.

  3. Connect with a Community: Do you want to be associated with a great community of energetic and positive people?  FPWR Canada is focused on inspiring others, connecting families and making things happen. If you choose to believe, anything is possible.

  4. Networking: Have you ever heard the expression,It’s all about who you know?” FPWR Canada organizes professional, fun and interactive events that open the doors to meet new people. Join our community of service-oriented volunteers who are making connections with inspiring and influential people.

  5. Improve Your Resume: Every experience whether paid or volunteer adds value on a resume and may set you apart from the competition. Learn an important skill and practice it in a safe and nurturing environment.  Meet mentors who will help you, guide you and inspire you to achieve your own goals.

  6. Discover Hidden Talents: Maybe you have a special talent that you would like to showcase or maybe your talent has not yet been discovered.

  7. Pay it forward, just because… When you help others, it’s amazing how good you start feeling about yourself and your own life.  Volunteering is energizing and good for the soul!